Football Poppy Badges 2023

Football Poppy Badges 2023



football poppy badges 2023




Football Poppy Badges 2023


The latest collection of football poppy pins has just been released by the Royal British Legion.

The Royal British Legion has produced the  2023 range of football poppy badges in collaboration with almost 80 football teams. The number of teams involved has increased over the years and with terrace support will only continue to grow. Check participating teams here

For your Scottish football team poppy badges you can head to Poppy Scotland Website. For any poppy football pins it may be cheaper to buy them on Amazon as you can get free delivery with prime. Royal British Legion Official Amazon Store Here

There are also official Rugby poppy pins and badges.

Search for your Royal British legion football team badge here. Or check Amazon









Can’t Find Your Teams Football Poppy Pin Badge?


The Royal British Legion still needs to come to an agreement with your club to use its trademarked football club logo and agree the terms of the use. They also need to be sure that if they spend the money to bulk produce your teams football poppy badge that they will actually sell.

If your team is not on the list available, then please read HOW TO DONATE TO POPPY APPEAL for other ways to support the appeal.

Purchases of Terraces and Troops pin badges keep this website going. You can purchase by heading to OUR STORE.


Terraces and troops



Show Us Your Football Team Poppy Pin


Have you got a vintage one? Or even a collection? We would love to feature you on our website and socials. Perhaps everyone on your team or your group of supporters has an official football poppy badge. We want to see your pictures! We are proud of the support the terraces show for our troops and we want to celebrate this. Get in touch with us VIA OUR CONTACT PAGE OR SOCIALS



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How To Donate To Poppy Appeal

How To Donate To Poppy Appeal

How To Donate To Poppy Appeal

How To Donate To Poppy Appeal

*AD*Contains affiliate links*

The Poppy appeal started on 11th November 1921, when one of the founders of the Royal British Legion, Earl Haig, purchased and sold millions of poppies raising £106,000 for ex servicemen and their families. There are now more ways than ever to donate to the poppy appeal. This year marks the 100th birthday of the Poppy appeal. Lets make it count!


How To Donate To Poppy Appeal

One Off Donation To British Legion

The easiest way to donate to the poppy appeal online is with a one off donation.

This requires £1 and less than 5 minutes of your time.

With the minimum donation set at only £1, it is easier than ever to send a quick donation without even having to leave the house.

To make a donation with no further obligation, go directly to the official Royal British Legion donation page ONE OFF DONATION PAGE


Regular Donation To British Legion

If you feel you are able to make a monthly commitment to The Royal British Legion then you can consider setting up a direct debit for a regular donation, from £1 per month.

The Royal British Legion adhere to the direct debit guarantee and you cancel your commitment at any time. Even set at the minimum payment, £12 a year going into the RBL funds would make an impact, and would be greatly appreciated.

You can set a monthly gift up on the RBL REGULAR DONATION PAGEHow to donate to poppy appeal

Royal British Legion Donations In Memory

If a loved one served in the armed forces at any time in their life, you can make a donation in memory of them. The Royal British Legion will  enter their name in the book of remembrance in beautiful traditional calligraphy. You simply need to supply the persons name or nickname along with their rank or title.

The name can be entered free of charge, but it would be fantastic of you could make a donation from as little as £1. Traditional calligraphers are experts with many years of experience and their work on this book should be reflected.

You can find out more about this on the official RBL website DONATIONS IN MEMORIAM

The book of memorial is kept at the Royal British Legion head office in London- Please book a viewing before travelling.



Become a Poppy Supporter

Poppy supporters commit to a donation of £10 or more per month by direct debit and their regular commitment is pivotal to funding services the Royal British Legion provide.

Supporters are recognised with an exclusive poppy pin that is produced every year, along with personal updates on the work of the RBL and invitations to events.

You can find out more about being a Poppy Supporter by visiting this page HOW TO BECOME A POPPY SUPPORTER


Poppy Lottery

Play The Poppy Lottery

Play from £1 per week. £2000 draw every Friday and a £20,000 draw every quarter.

If you believe you are at risk of or suffering from a gambling addiction- please visit  BE GAMBLE AWARE


If you are involved in football as a supporter, player or part of the management/coaching team and you wish for us to support and publicise your fundraising efforts for any armed forces charities please GET IN TOUCH

We would love to feature pictures of your grassroots football team wearing their poppies. Send them in to us and we will get back to you for more information.

If you are a currently serving or ex member of the armed forces and are a football fan, please contact us, there are many ways we could use your support.