Trafford Football Club & Trafford Veterans

Trafford Football Club & Trafford Veterans

Trafford Football Club

Trafford Football Club And Their Local Veterans


Social media proved to be a great ally when Trafford Football Club tweeted a few years ago that they wanted to invite local Armed Forces Veterans to lead out their team on for their Remembrance Day Service.

Melody Stephens, part of the Trafford FC committee recalls

“I put out on Twitter that we wanted to invite armed forces veterans to attend the remembrance weekend match & lead the team out on the pitch. Claire from Trafford Veterans CIC got in touch & it went from there. A great relationship was formed instantly and they’ve joined us every year since.”-Melody Stephens

We caught up with John Eadie, the Chairman of Trafford FC to find out more about the first service they carried out with Trafford Vets.

“Trafford Vets led the team out ahead of the game and the applause for them was outstanding. It was a fantastic atmosphere. One thing that sticks out was the 2021 service. We hadn’t all been together because of Covid for 2 years. One of the Veterans, a Gentleman called Frank in his later years, read his own poem as part of the ceremony and you could hear a pin drop whilst he did. The whole service was incredibly well thought out and respectfully received by both the supporters and players of both teams” John Eadie



Trafford FC



Trafford Football Club knew by the reaction of their supporters that the local Veteran community were well thought of and so they decided they could do more to help.

“Us smaller clubs struggle with funding so we found other ways we could help them rather than just financially. One thing we do is give the Trafford Vets a page in our programme every week for them to publicise their events and raise awareness about them. It’s a small thing but it helps to get their message out” – John Eadie


Trafford Veterans CIC



Trafford Veterans have certainly seen an increase in their numbers at events since the club started publicising their work in the community. They also found that many Vets discussed football at their social events, with some saying they couldn’t attend anymore for various reasons. Amazingly Trafford FC stepped in once again.


“We decided as a club to donate 2 season tickets to Trafford Vets which they give to a different armed forces member or veteran every game. It works both ways, it helps Vets who are struggling financially or need to socialise more, but it helps to increase our fanbase as Vets will often have family members come along with them too” John Eadie.

Trafford Veterans Giving Back

More surprises were to come though when Trafford Veterans found themselves in a position to do something in return for the club that helped them so much.

During Covid when all football clubs were struggling due to having no gate money. Trafford Veterans decided to sponsor a kit for the forthcoming season at Trafford Football Club but paid the sponsorship early to help out the club.

Trafford Vets now sponsor the warm up tops for the main team and the first kit for the under 18s.




Trafford Veterans


“We are incredibly proud to see our logo on the kits. The whole thing has come full circle now with us supporting each other rather than it being one sided.  Their support is incredible and we are so pleased to see permanent Armed Forces flags up in the stands now”-Claire Wright



Trafford FC Veterans


After speaking to Melody, John and Claire we feel there is more to come from this tight team. Plans are already underway for the Armistice Day service at the ground

“This year our Armistice Day commemorations will land on the 12th November against Macclesfield and we know they too will honour and respect the service”-John Eadie

If you would like to support Trafford FC or Trafford Veterans CIC in anyway then please contact them via their websites. For other teams that support Trafford Veterans please read our article on Sale United FC

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Sale United Football Club & Trafford Veterans

Sale United Football Club & Trafford Veterans

Sale United Football Club


Sale United Football Club Partners With Trafford Veterans


Sale United Football Club is one of the largest grassroots club in the North West of England and is an FA Chartered Community Club. Their work on inclusion and welfare for the local community is impressive. Comprising of a huge 64 teams, it’s no surprise that many of the players and supporters have armed forces connections.

We spoke to Sale United Football Clubs Chairman and Facilities Manager, Colin Dowdy about their involvement with the local Veteran Community.

Colin, like many others throughout Sale United, is deeply committed to Veteran welfare and when they were introduced to Trafford Veterans CIC they were eager to help them achieve their goal of reaching as many local veterans as possible.

Sale United had a small clubhouse that was occasionally used for refreshments during some games. Other than that, this clubhouse was pretty much unused and in need of a little TLC. This little used facility was soon to be given a new lease of life.

In line with their community focussed ethos, Sale United approached Trafford Vets with the idea of them being able to access the clubhouse for Veteran related activities and events.

Claire Wright of Trafford Veterans CIC was delighted with the offer and with a little funding, a group of Veterans set to work redecorating the clubhouse to make it their very own Veterans Hub.  Comprising of a small kitchen area and an area for seating, the Hub was soon put to work as the home of Trafford Veterans CIC.


Sale United Gives Trafford Veterans A Home



Trafford Veterans CIC HUB


Claire is able to use the clubhouse as an office midweek which has streamlined their activities and means they have been able to put on many more activities due to having a permanent building. Claire served in the Royal Navy Reserves and then the Royal Navy for many years and understands first hand many of the issues Armed Forces Veterans face.

“Having the Hub has given us a sense of permanence and security. It’s important for anyone, especially Veterans to have a feeling of belonging. Having this space has made a huge difference in terms of the activities we can offer. Sale United have been fantastic with their support. We can do more in the community now and make a bigger impact.”-Claire Wright


Trafford Veterans Mental Health Course


Trafford Veterans were able to facilitate a Mental Health Awareness Course at the Hub, with many in attendance.

The area outside the Hub is suitable for larger gatherings which means the family and friends aof veterans can also attend events. In warmer weather it isn’t unusual for the BBQ to be on.


Trafford Veterans CIC

Sale United FC Proud Of This Commitment


“It was an absolute pleasure to be able to help Trafford Veterans find a home. Their work in the local community is outstanding and we are a community club. The Hub is a credit to their hard work and it is always great to see so many people attending”- Colin Dowdy

It’s clear this this is just the beginning of a partnership between Sale United FC and their local Veteran Community.

“We are looking for ways to do more, like any club we have financial restrictions and limitations but as we have shown with The Hub, there are other ways to help.” Colin Dowdy

Through Claire at Trafford Veterans , a band called The North West Veterans Corps of Drums has also been given space to practice in another, larger outbuilding belonging to Sale United.

We are sure that Sale United FC will continue to support Trafford Veterans CIC along with 2 other local football teams, Trafford FC and Altrincham FC.

If you can think of more ways to support Sale United FC or Trafford Veterans CIC in their community projects or would like to find out about their activities and events, please go to their websites or get in touch via email.

Sale United Website-                    Colin Dowdy-

Trafford Veterans Website-        Trafford Vets-


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